Home Remedies that Can be Used for Flea Control

Flea usually remains a strain in the mind of a person who owns a pet or is a pet lover. Fleas are known to be parasites which feed on the blood of animals. There are various methods that can be used for the control of flea. The flea control expert suggested some of the best home remedies which can be used for the control of flea in pets.

Flea Control
Flea Control

Baking Soda

Most of the people struggle to know the ideas for getting rid of the fleas. The best and most effective method for this is known to be vacuuming of the house. A person should thoroughly vacuum the house, and this removes them from the fiber of the carpets and furniture of the house. The effectiveness of vacuuming can be increased by using baking soda. A person needs to lay down the baking soda on the carpets as well as furniture and rub it with a hard brush. Flea Pest Control experts concluded that the use of baking soda provides much more proper vacuuming of the house for removing flea.

Dish Soap

A flea trap is created with the help of dish soap and some water in this home remedy of flea control. All a person needs to do is that he or she has to fill a plate or bowl full of a mixture of warm water and dish soap in the most active areas of a flea. The solution of the water and dish soap usually acts as the glue, and it has the ability to trap the flea in it due to the high viscosity level of the solution.

This activity of using warm water and dish soap solution should be done during the night because it raises the chances of the effectiveness of the method to control flea. The experts of Flea Control Services suggest people place a candle near the solution as the fleas are referred to as the nocturnal creatures. It is also strictly advised that the flame should not be naked as it may cause some hazardous and potential fire.

Professional Flea Control Services
Professional Flea Control Services

Herbal Flea Spray

Some of the experts also suggest using the herbal flea spray to control and get rid of flea from the house. It is referred to as the natural remedy for the fleas and is made with non-toxic components that are commonly found near the house of a person which makes it friendly for animals and children as well. A person can also make this spray by just simply mixing 2 liters water, 4 liters vinegar, and 250 ml of witch hazel and 500 ml of lemon juice in a spray bottle.

A person should properly vacuum their house before using this spray and empty the contents in the bin. A person should also wash bedding as well as cushions that can be easily infested. If all this process is completed, a person can spray the herbal spray on the carpets, furniture, window sills, pet bedding and floors of the house.

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