Ant Control Tips for You to Follow

Ants are the most common pests found in homes, schools and offices. The annoying pests invade almost all the places, they can be seen in form of nests or marching across your kitchen counter. There are more than 700 species of ants and more than 20 types are known to infest homes as stated by Eco-Friendly Pest Control Methods.

Strategy for ant control depends on type of ant infestation, inspecting their nest is the most important step for their eradication. Ants during their march leave pheromones that help them to identify their route. Follow their trail and find their nest and treat it directly by spraying insecticide.

Ant Pest Control Service
Ant Pest Control Service

Strategy For Ants That Live Outside And Get Inside Your Home For Food

These species of ants get inside your home in search of food, some amongst them make permanent home in the services of walls, doors and windows. 

Control Them With Following Tips:

  • Search the entry points from where they are entering and seal them all. Other than this caulk other entry points also that you see.
  • As stated ants leave pheromones, clean it around their entry points with soap solution, then spray an insecticide.
  • Call Pest Control if the infestation is uncontrollable.

Ants Living Permanently Inside Your House

Some species of ants permanently invade kitchen and rooms of houses. Clean Busters calls this as indoor colonization and states that this particularly happens all year, especially in warmer cities. 

Control Them By Following Tips:

  • Baits are very helpful in controlling indoor colonization. It is also a safer method for homes that have children. Baits have sugar or protein part that help in easily controlling the infestation.
  • Local pest control service is also helpful in controlling indoor colonization.

Other Than This Other Methods of Ant Control Include:

  • Stop water leakage: repair the leakages as soon as you spot them. Prefer to keep rooms and basements free of moisture, try using dehumidifiers.
  • Keep the food bowls of your pets covered as they also attract ants easily. 
  • Protect the perimeter as a single colony can have millions of ants, use insecticide to stop their trail or call Best Pest Control in Perth to control their colony.
Best Pest Control Service
Best Pest Control Service

Whom to Trust?

Other than this the carpenter ants, fire ants and little black ants are the most common species trailing the houses, they can be controlled either by sprinkling vinegar, soap solution, kerosene oil and turmeric in their nests and trail areas.