Make Your Home Spider Proof With These Simple Steps

As the rainy season is approaching, many uninvited creatures are trying to sneak into your home. Eight legged crawling critter-Spider in the corner is not pleasing site, if not scary one. Although there is very slim chance that the spider could harm you in a direct way, but spider webs on walls and ceiling make it very uncomfortable to live. Plus, they can reproduce very fast which can become a big nuisance in no time. But you don’t have to worry about it. We have got you covered. 

Here, We are Listing Proven Tips to Make your Home Spider Proof. 

Common Household Item for Spider Removal Services

You would be surprised to know that that there are few chemicals already in your house which are a good deterrent for spiders. Kerosene oil is one of them. Just apply kerosene oil to cloth and rub cloth against windows, doorways and corners. This is an effective method to keep spiders out of your home. Another household item is vinegar. You can mix vinegar with water and spray the mixture in corner, cracks and crevices where spiders take shelter. Another effective method to prevent spiders’ invasion is that you rub lemon peel on the corners and cracks. This will leave citrus scent which is not liked by the spiders. 

Spider Removal Services

Keep Lighting to The Minimum

Lighting attracts insects, flies and moths which are prey for spiders. If you can keep your lighting to the minimum, this will not only prevent insects to sneak into your home, but also reduce your electricity bill. A Win-win solution.

Follow Old Saying – Keep your House Clean  

Spiders thrive on cluttered corners and improperly managed spaces by Spider Pest Control. If you can keep your house clean, properly manage waste and be more careful about hidden cracks and corners, you would be to make your house spider free. 

If you are a Cat Person

If you have been considering getting a cat and now you have spiders incoming, I think that heaven has given you a hint. Cat preys on spiders and it does a very good job of taking care of spiders, in case some spiders get lucky to enter your home.

In Case You Need Help

We know that sometimes removing spiders become a very challenging task. Or you might have tried some steps but still you want to be double sure that none of the spiders is lurking in the corners and cracks. If you think you need professional help for pest control treatments, we at Clean Busters would be glad to assist you. We are a big company of experienced Best Pest Controllers in Melbourne who have been in the business for more than a decade. We have served more than thousand households and made them insect free.

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