Moth Control

Say Goodbye to Moth Infestation with The Experts in the Home. 

Moths are usually found in clothes, it can be inside laundry bags or washing area. These are commonly found in materials such as wool, cotton, silk, leather, feathers, hair, fur or your upholstery. Hence it is important to target these areas with professional moth control services for finite results. They can damage your favorite dresses or can lay their eggs on them.

Moth Control Services
Moth Control Services

Steps We Implement to Get Rid of Fleas Infestation:

Clean Busters Professionals believe that moths can be dangerous as can destroy your expensive clothes or upholstery. So whenever you consult our experienced staff, we provide moth control services in all areas whether inside or outside cupboards.  

  • Provide complete inspection of your drawers, wardrobes, curtains, carpeted rooms, and pets bedding.
  • If there are any kind of holes in your clothing or curtains then it indicates that moth attack has taken place. Therefore in such areas, we provide our special treatments
  • Treating such areas with sprays as well as sanitizers is important to kill harmful insects
  • We pay special attention towards your upholstery so that can stay away from infestation of moths. We also monitor moths in a carpeted room or under furniture.
  • With proper preventive measures, your wardrobes and drawers are cleaned by professionals.
  • The spray we use for your clothes are sprayed in your infested areas
  • After pest control services you can wrap your clothes in a plastic bag. Instead of using plastic bags or sun rays for killing germs or eggs we use steam cleaning services. 
  • Moreover, heat can kill eggs or larvae if are wrapped with clothes

We take complete care of your clothes as well as upholstery. Thus the services provided by Best Pest Control Service in Melbourne providers are safe and reliable. You can use it to enhance its quality as well as beauty.

Pest Control Services
Pest Control Services

Preventive Measures Suggested by Professionals:

We believe that for long-term benefits it is important to follow preventive measures. There are some preventive measures suggested by Clean Busters professionals which you can follow with moth control.

  • Regularly vacuuming is always necessary to remove moisture content from your carpets or wooden   furniture
  • Proper dusting can help you to stay away from dirt grimes which extract moths
  • It is important to notify the activity because moths are flying insects; hence can easily travel from one place to another 
  • These insects do not require large entryways; therefore open doors and windows can be dangerous
  • Use certain preventive measures while storing clothes; you can use plastic bags before placing them in your suitcases. 
  • “Moth balls” are also available in the market; hence can use that to maintain freshness.
  • Wardrobes, as well as drawers, can be easily treated with insecticide sprays.
Professional Moth Pest Control Services
Professional Moth Pest Control Services

How We Can Assist You With Moth Control?

  • At Clean Busters you will find effective and reliable moth treatments
  • Our technicians are qualified and use advanced technology equipment  
  • Here you will find flexible booking options