Rodent Control

Rats, as well as mice, are two mammals which belong to Rodentia order. There are more than 2200 species of rodents such as rats and mice which exist and more than 40 percent of all mammal species belong to this Rodentia order. Rodents have also been successfully populating every continent in the world. This all is possible because of the small size and short breeding cycle of rats and their ability to eat a variety of foods. Rodents have been listed as the second most successful mammal present on earth. Rodent infestation in the house of a person can be harmful and rodent control based company can help to get rid of these pests. 

Rodent Control Services
Rodent Control Services

Identification Signs of Rodent Infestation 

The experts working with Clean Busters always suggest some of the useful tips find out the infestation of pests in the house. 

Here are Some of The Signs That Would Help to Identify Rodent Infestation. 

  • Inspecting the premises carefully and looking out for signs of damaged caused due to feeding or gnawing hole. 
  • Rodents usually feed by eating, nibbling the outside of grains and leaves the cores. However, rodents usually leave smaller pieces of food. 
  • House rodents tend to live inside the holes and can gnaw holes up to 20 mm to 80 mm in diameter in partitions, floors, and walls. 
  • Nests of rodents might also found in hidden areas and can be made up of a wide variety of materials like paper, rags, cardboard, etc. 

Methods to Control Rodent Infestation

Sanitation and Exclusion

When a person looks at ways for preventing and controlling the rodent infestation, they should always assess the area for some of the possible sources of food, shelter, and water. 

Expert Rodent Control Services
Expert Rodent Control Services

There are Good Ways to Discouraging The Rodents in Inhabiting in an Area Such As: 

  • By maintaining a great level of hygiene.
  • Excess foliage in the garden, removing clutter, food scraps, plumbing leaks, shelter or nesting sites. 
  • Rodents are able to squeeze inside the gaps as small as 8 mm, so a person makes sure even small holes or gaps are filled. 


Physical traps used by Clean Busters experts also include glue traps. Simple snap traps or some complicated multiple-rodent catching devices. The trapping method needs more time and labour than other chemical methods of Local Pest Control in Perth. This method is known to be less cost-effective and uses less frequently by people. 

Situations in Which Trapping Rodents Might Be The Most Viable Option Such As:

  • Instances where the chemicals pesticides have not been accepted such as food premises. 
  • Capturing of the individual rodents which are not taking the bait. 


Rodent infestation is usually controlled by using rodenticides. Hence, rodenticides can kill or eliminate rodent infestation with a single dose (i.e. acute) or through multiple doses (chronic). 

Acute Rodenticides Used by Clean Busters Experts Include:

  • Norbormide
  • Metal phosphides 
  • Brodifacoum 
  • Alpha-chloralose
  • Difenacoum
  • Flocoumafen

Chronic Rodenticides Used by Experts Include:

  • Coumatetralyl 
  • Warfarin
  • Calciferol
  • Diphacinone 
Professional Rodent Control Services
Professional Rodent Control Services

How Our Experts Would Help In Rodent Control? 

We at Clean Busters have been working for many years in the same field and have developed some of the best rodent control methods to treat the pests present in our client house. There are many people who have been satisfied with our services. 

Here are Some of The Reasons How Our Services Would Be Beneficial. 

  • Advanced and safe products to treat a rodent infestation 
  • Best methods for treatment 
  • Reliable and trustworthy results 
  • 100 % satisfaction to customers 
  • Available 24/7 for the previous and new customers 

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